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On their 2018 debut record, Ro Sham Bo, Conner and Clementine tap into their many resources and talents to create a psychedelic spin on dream pop. Conner’s bass and guitar work feel effortless as she rips through little riffs and lays down funky bass lines, even if it’s not her main instrument. On the other end, Clementine slowly builds and layers booming beats and hazy vocals that complement as much as they stand out.

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What happens when two badass babes from nationally-acclaimed all-female tribute bands collide to create a super fresh dream-pop-psychadelic-rock album?  Beaux Cheveux, that’s what happens. The dangerously talented union of Hell’s Belles Adrian Conner (Angus Young AC/DC) and Zepparella’s Clementine (Bonzo/Led Zeppelin) birthed an unrivaled fusion of no-boundaries rock-and-roll in this hot, new combo.

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Adrian Conner rocks lead guitar in AC/DC tribute Hell’s Belles and suits up in Judas Priest tribute Belles Bent for Leather. Clementine Drums beats Led Zeppelin tribute Zepparella. Now please check your Seventies rock expectations. As Beaux Cheveux (Good Hair), the pair leans more toward St. Vincent. Ro Sham Bo opener “We’re Open Now” wafts a gentle prayer of a drum and bass track slowed to match the beat-keeper’s sweet hallelujah. Conner, reportedly thrilled at the songwriting vistas DAWs (digital audio workstations) opened to her, nails her experimentalist turns on “You Beautiful Flame” and “Rio Grande,” both chill-room appropriate. The laid-back, Seventies porn waka-waka of “Rio Grande” sets the scene for the drummer to get some, after which “Free Love” and “Deeper Feeling” pick up the pace. Rock purists finally get some satisfaction on “Sunset Marquee” and “Fourth of July,” the latter positing our national holiday as the sexiest of them all.


Indie Band Guru says, “*Ro Sham Bo* is a capture of electronic rock’s climate in its current state.
Avant garde but heavily influenced, making for a unique experience.”

Stereo Stickman gave a nice track by track breakdown.

Midwest Record says, “Well made malcontent music that comes off as more than a busman’s holiday, the pop of tomorrow has to sneak up on you from somewhere.”

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Departing from their rock roots has given Beaux Cheveux the space and energy to create something distinctive. Influences inhabit the album, twisting and turning up in exciting, unexpected places. Playful and teasing in a way that only an old friend can get away with, yet fresh, novel and energetic, Ro Sham Bo is both nostalgic and future-focussed. Which is quite an achievement. Expect to dip back into old CD collections to work out exactly what each track brings to mind, then accept that you probably won’t find it anyway.

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Before even listening to this one, we had a pretty good idea that this would be off the beaten path. Beaux Cheveux is the duo of Adrian Conner and Clementine, two ladies whose careers have taken some interesting and alternative paths. Conner is a member of the all female AC/DC cover band Hell’s Belles. Clementine is in the all female Led Zeppelin cover band Zepperella. The two began communicating with one another while living hundreds of miles apart (Austin, TX and San Francisco, CA). They then began sending audio clips back and forth. All of this finally resulted in the recording and release of Ro Sham, a nice thick throbbing collection of modern pop/rock tracks that combine elements of classic rock with electronic pop. Recorded and mixed by Robert Preston at GetReel Studios, these tracks have a big fat sound and they feature some truly cool uplifting melodies and vibes. You can tell these two enchanting ladies love making music–their enjoyment and enthusiasm bleeds through loud and clear. What’s probably most interesting about this album is that–while the overall sound is upbeat and catchy–the songs are neither light nor mere fluff. Conner and Clementine are smart, and they’re not afraid to let their music take them wherever they want to go. Infectious cuts include “We’re Open Now,” “Rio Grande,” “Holiday of Love,” and “Little Gold Betty.” Totally groovy in so many ways.

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Possibly the most distinctive track on the album is ‘Sunset Marquee’, a rockier number, nonetheless with the same sweet vocalisation, and in effect a pop-rock sound. The penultimate ‘Fourth Of July’ is bluesy and raucous, reminding us that Adrian and Clementine in their “day jobs” respectively perform in AC/DC (Hell’s Belles) and Led Zeppelin (Zepparella) tribute bands. The track is probably the primary demonstration of just how brilliantly talented these musicians are.

“Rio Grande” video is released on Guitar Player Magazine:

“Free Love” on NeuFutur:

Beaux Cheveux’s “Free Love” is an interesting composition that effortlessly move through electronic, indie rock, and slinky nineties alternative music.  The track’s alluring vocals match well with a crunchy election section and a sizzling guitar line that is interlaced through the cut. Free Love is funky, engrossing, and will keep fans interested from the first note all the way until the final gasp from Beaux Cheveux. While Free Love exceeds the five minute mark, there are enough twists and turns presented here that fans will continue to find something interesting even a few months in to their first spin.

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“Deeper Feeling on Skope Mag:

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Deeper Feeling has a retro vibe to it. Bits of Beck and The Breeders can be heard in the airy sound of the vocals and the crunchy sound of the guitar, drums, and bass. The laid-back sound of this effort draws back to an earlier seventies musical tradition. Quirky, fan, and infectious as all get out, Beaux Cheveux’s Deeper Feeling is an effort that will hold up to repeat spins. It is so different from the rest of the music that you’d hear on college radio stations while having a close and cozy sound that shines through throughout.

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Here’s a fun romp of a song and video with funkified rhythmic guitar, driving drums and a free flowing vibe. It’s “Free Love” from two-piece super-group Beaux Cheveux.

Guitarist Adrian “Angus” Conner of Hell’s Belles and drummer Clementine (Bonzo) of Zepparella have joined forces to break down all boundaries and flex their considerable muscle in the world of original music. Beaux Cheveux’s full-length debut album RO SHAM BO will be released on December 15, 2017. Pre-orders happen here:

Clementine shares, “’Free Love’ started out with lyrics expressing frustration with current events and the lack of love in the world, and my hippie notion: ‘Can’t we all just get along? Doesn’t love make everything all right?’ Adrian came up with a sexy little ‘wakkawakka’ and the dance-number celebration was born.”

RO SHAM BO is an exquisite nine tracks that place one foot in the future with electronic textured instruments, and the other foot in the roots of 70’s rock where guitar and monster drums reigned supreme. Together, Adrian and Clementine have conjured up their trippy, Dream Pop style. “Free Love” is a danceable romp in the hay.

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‘Deeper Feeling’, the first track from Beaux Cheveaux’s debut album, ‘Ro Sham Bo’, is Tom Tom Club meets Bananarama, and kicks off with a classic 70s guitar, held together with a clean drum, and some layered electronic samples. Harmonising vocals in the chorus make for an incredible release after the tight beat. It’s a compelling sonic landscape, and is accompanied by an organic, home-grown video, featuring the pair spending time with nature, impersonating animals, singing to skulls…and of course, jamming. They show that they take everything seriously, but not themselves, which is quite refreshing.

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Beaux Cheveux melds dirty, distortion filled slide guitar licks with feel good pop melodies. If Marnie Stern and the Beach Boys were holed up together in secluded bungalow, they might come up with “Deeper Feeling.” The video for this playful and sonically rich song cuts between images of guitarist and singer Adrian Conner frolicking on beaches and in fields wearing horse and chicken masks and sitting in a room shredding it on guitar. The impulses to rock out and chill are constantly smashing up against each other but with a gentle caress instead of a mosh pit shove.

Clementine writes about the creation of Beaux Cheveux on her blog
Bliss and Drumming, here.
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